April 20, 2019

Woman with a Suitcase

Starring:  Choi Ji-woo, Joo Jin-mo, Jeon Hye-Bin, and Lee Joon

Episodes: 16

Running Time: 60 min

Airing: Tue 10:30 pm

Replay: Wed 5:40 pm


Cha Geum-Joo works as a manager at an attorney’s office. She does great work, she gets arrested for violating the attorneys-at-law act. Her career seems like it is over. She goes through more hardships, but Cha Geum-Joo becomes a great attorney.


Cha Geum-joo – Played by Choi Ji-woo

Cha Geum-joo is an office manager in a law office.  She is very bold and brave, not afraid of anything in her way, with incredible investigative skills that can put one to shame. She builds a network system of the courts, lugs around a luggage filled to the brim (almost to the extent of breakage) with trial documents. She wants to win against all odds, to the extent where nothing is impossible. Geum-joo accepts a new and dangerous case and embarks on a new journey….

Ham Bok-geo – Played by Joo Jin-mo

Ham Bok-geo  is a media rep, who meets up with Cha Geum-joo for the first time over a report of a law suit. He falls in love with her at first sight and decides to help her with her cases behind the scenes. Using his trusted connections, he helps her to be admitted to law school, and later helps her to open her own law office. A man who would sacrifice himself for his love…

Jeon Hye-bin – Played by Park Hye-joo

Park Hye-joo is a five-star lawyer, who is not new to compliments of ‘smart girl’, having been told that all her life since childhood. Living with a father who usurped all of the family’s assets prior to divorce, with a step-mother who loathes her, she endured it all for the sake of survival. Although she is originally good without any twisted trait, due to her professional background and the power it wields, shes influenced to embrace evil…

Ma Suk-woo – Played by Lee Joon

Ma Suk-woo is a perfect flower boy with a heart, who has no cause for scandals and has no reason for any criticism of his personality. Even though he has perfect evaluation in those aspects, he is but a lonely one-man employee in his own law firm. He is a lawyer who struggles to make ends meet monthly, and barely able to pay his rental on time.