December 16, 2017

Starting Again

Starring: Park Min-ji, Kim Jung-hoon, Koh Woo-li, and Park Sun-ho

Episodes: 120

Running Time: 40 min

Airing: Mon-Fri 8:15 pm

Replay: Mon-Fri 4:40 pm


Na Young-ja, an ordinary department store clerk, is entangled in a love triangle with the scion of a department store fortune and a top executive at the same department store. This TV series is like a Cinderella fairytale story but without a passive heroine who waits for a prince to bring her a glass shoe. Instead, the heroine of this show reaches her goal by proactively seizing opportunities and working hard to also find love in her personal life.


Na Young-ja – Played by Park Min-ji
She has a sunny personality, pretty looks and a charming smile. She graduated from medical school and passed the medical licensing test in flying colors. Her goal is to follow in the footsteps of her foster dad, Dr. Na Bong-il in becoming a gynecologist who also offers free medical service to the needy. Just a few days before her medical licensing test, her foster dad suffers a stroke. After this incident, the OB-GYN clinic that he ran was sold at a heavy loss. So Young-ja has to support her foster mom and foster siblings immediately. She gives up on her dreams and takes a sales clerk job at a department store. On her first day at work, she meets Kang Ji-wook, the grandson of the Eunha Group founder, Lee Ye-la, the daughter of the Eunha Group, and Ha Sung-jae, an Eunha group top executive who is a single dad with one daughter. Can she protect her family from the looming threat surrounding them and also find love and success?
Ha Sung-jae – Played by Kim Jung-hoon
Although he grew up poor, he never gives up on his goals. With grit and a plucky personality, he got into an elite university. After graduating from college, he got a job at the Eunha Group and soon married his college sweetheart. His pregnant wife died while giving birth to their second child due to internal bleeding. So he quit his job and dealt with a bout of depression. Then his former boss, Ji-wook, who also happened to be a former student of his, offered him a new position at the Eunha Group. He accepts the position of head of business planning at the new department store. After encountering Young-ja at work, he finds his mood changing for the better. But he is later shocked to learn that she is the daughter of Dr. Na Bong-il who caused his wife’s death.
Lee Ye-la – Played by Koh Woo-li
Only daughter of the president of one Eunha Group subsidiary and born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Spoiled rotten, she bosses people around as if they are servants. She has never faced a problem that she could not handle and is confident that no obstacle can deter her from getting what she wants. Her upcoming wedding with Kang Ji-wook, the grandson of the founder of the Eunha Group, makes her even more impetuous. But when Na Young-ja is hired as a sales clerk at the department store, Ye-la’s position becomes threatened. Even her fiancé Ji-wook is starting to warm up to Young-ja and that is the last straw for Ye-la.
Kang Ji-wook – Played by Park Sun-ho
After he lost his parents in a car crash, he is groomed to succeed his grandfather as the next chairman of the Eunha Group. He plans to follow his grandfather’s wishes and marry Ye-la, the daughter of Eunha Farmers president, after which, he would manage the family business and raise a family. But Na Young-ja, a recent hire at the department store attracts his attention with her charming smile, sunny disposition and total honesty. It’s hard for him to take his eyes off of her. Sung-jae is like a brother to Ji-wook as well as a mentor. He also plays a critical role in managing the department store. But Sung-jae and Young-ja seem to be very close. Now Ji-wook is facing a dilemma as he wants both love in his personal life and success for his family business.