December 16, 2017

Shine or Go Crazy

Starring: Jang Hyuk, Oh Yeon-soo, Lim Ju-hwan, and Lee Ha-ni

Episodes: 24

Running Time: 70 min

Airing: Mon-Tues & Thurs 1:30 am


Wang So, a Goryeo prince, was born with the name, “Shine.”  Shin Yul is a woman hailing from the Balhae kingdom and believed to have the powers of an oracle.  A prince who suffered vile remarks because of a cursed prophecy finds himself attracted to a former princess from a fallen kingdom who faces death because of her fate to become the light of another kingdom. Their love is at a point of either shining or flaming out.


Wang So – Played by Jang Hyuk

Third son between founding King Wang Gun and his third wife, Empress Shin Myung

Head of the secret society called Joeuiseonin. After the death of Hye Jong, Jung Jong became the next king, which makes Wang So the next in line to succeed the throne. His mother’s side is from the powerful Ho Tribe and he was born with the prophecy that he would bring a bloodbath to Goryeo one day. Even his own mother believes it and trembles in fear in his presence. The prophecy damned him the day he was born. At the age of 8, he was blamed for the death of his older brother Wang Tae and banished from the palace. He grew up in Keumkang Mountains and was trained to be a warrior of the Joeuiseonin, a secret royal guardsmen.

Shin Yul – Played by Oh Yeon-seo

Last princess of the Balhae kingdom, leader of the Cheonghae private army

The last princess to be born from the doomed Balhae kingdom, upon which the Balhae queen attempted to kill her. But her birth mother, Lady Jungeui intervened and said she would kill the baby herself and threw her into an icy lake. One of the lady servants rescued her from drowning and raised her. As a skilled merchant and tactician, she became a powerful merchant in the Middle Kingdom. She became knowledgeable in astronomy, geography, and military strategy and excelled in whatever she did due to her keen intelligence.

Wang Wook – Played by Lim Ju-Hwan

Born between founding king Wang Gun and fourth wife, Empress Shin Jung

After the death of Hye Jong, Jung Jong became the next king, which makes Wang Wook the second in line to succeed the throne. Among the 25 princes fathered by Wang Gun, he was born with the best looks. He also has a smart intellect and skilled in combat. While he is Wang So’s half-brother, they were only born four months apart. Not only was he born with talent, but he also received a quality education to prepare him to rule from the Ho tribe. While people call him a living Buddha for his kindness he had his heart broken once.

Hwangbo Yeowon – Played by Lee Ha-ni

Sister of Wang Wook. Born between founding king Wang Gun and his fourth wife, Empress Shin Jung

Daughter of Wang Gun. She is the most beautiful woman in Goryeo but a schemer behind the scenes. She is very clever and cold-hearted. She is well versed in the art of poisoning. She does not let emotions cloud her decisions. If she had been born as a man, she would have aimed to be the next king. Her family honor means everything to her.She is obliged to wed her half-brother Wang So who is cursed. For her family’s sake, she went along with the marriage. But she does not wish to be an empress