November 19, 2016


Starring: Kang Ji-hwan, Sung Yu-ri, Park Ki-woong, and Soo Hyun

Episodes: 50

Running Time: 70 min

Airing: Mon 10:30 pm

Replay:Tues 5:40 pm


People who commit cruelty against the weak in order to enrich themselves with more money and power while answering to no one are monsters. A man takes on the corrupt elite or “monsters” whose identities are hidden from the public after he loses his family in a conspiracy that was engineered by very powerful people. In a twist, he finds love amid the shady underworld and through this turn of events, this TV miniseries sends a message of noblesse oblige and the true meaning of life.


Kang Ki-tan: Starring Kang Ji-hwan

After losing his parents at a young age, he inherited a vast healthcare company that his father ran. But his uncle steals his fortune and almost succeeds in killing him but he miraculously survives. With help from a mysterious lobbyist, he is able to get the necessary surgery to recover his eyesight and also undergo plastic surgery. He assumes a a new name and identity, which is Kang Ki-tan. He has a heightened sense of hearing and an analytical mind along with an athletic build thanks to his physical training but underneath it all he is burning with vengeance and anguish.

Oh Soo-yeon: Starring Sung Yu-ri

After her father’s death, she became the guardian of her autistic brother. So she became desperate for money and shamelessly worships it. During the day, she works as a secretary at a law firm while going to law school at night to pursue a better life. Then she meets Ki-tan and Gun-woo. Through poise and intelligence, she succeeds in nabbing a job at Dodo Group, where she becomes pursued by both Ki-tan and Gun-woo as a love interest. She finds out that Ki-tan is actually her old friend Lee Guk-chul and does everything in her power to save him from danger.

Do Gun-woo: Starring Park Ki-woong

After being rejected by his father, the Chairman of the Dodo Group, he went to live in America under the care of his single mother. After killing his abusive and drug-addict stepfather, he fled to Korea. Once he gets a job at Dodo Group, he finally gets recognition from his dad, the chairman of the company. After outmaneuvering his half-brothers and half-sisters to gain control of his father’s company, he drove out all the executives and family members at the company who forced his mother to leave the country and live in the U.S.

Yoo Sung-ae: Starring Soo Hyun

Her father was a career soldier so she has a strong sense of duty to her country. Though she is attractive, she has a tomboyish personality that makes her unpopular among the boys. Under orders from her KCIA boss she infiltrates the Dodo Group by getting hired as an employee and crosses path with Kang Ki-tan and Di Gun-woo. She gets peeved whenever she is told that she can’t do something because she is a woman. She also gets into a testy relationship with Kang Ki-tan at the Dodo Group because he gets in the way of her undercover mission.