January 8, 2017

Happiness Giver/Person Who Gives Happiness

Starring: Lee Yoon-ji, Son Seung-won, Ha Yeon-joo, and Lee Ha-yul

Episodes: 120

Running Time: 30 min

Airing: Mon-Fri 8:15 pm

Replay: Mon-Fri 4:40 pm


This is a story about three different mothers. Park Bok-ae is a selfish mother who would do anything to ensure that her children have a better life even if it inflicts pain on others. The cold-hearted Kim Ja-gyeong is an actress who abandons her own son at birth in order to pursue her acting career. Then there is Lim Eun-hee who adopts a boy and becomes a mother even if she never experienced what it was like to have a family. This TV miniseries revolves around a foster mother who struggles to protect her child from the biological mother who tries to take the child back after learning that her child has become a top child actor, making a lot of money. The story unfolds as the foster mom battles with the biological parent over custody. At the same time, Gun-woo’s unchanging love towards Eun-hee proves that she is someone who deserves much love.


Lim Eun-hee – Played by Lee Yoon-ji

At a young age, her father’s business went bankrupt and was left with her sister, Eun-ah at the orphanage. But soon she gets separated from her sister when she gets adopted by a couple. One day, she discovers a baby abandoned on the doorsteps of Bok-ae’s house. She adopts the baby named Ha-yoon as a single parent. But then a couple came looking for Ha-yoon and after claiming that they were Ha-yoon’s parents, they forcibly took him away from Eun-hee. And this becomes her second heart breaking separation of someone she holds dear.

Lee Gun-woo – Played by Son Seung-won

He grew up in a wealthy family and turned out as a fine young man with a sense of humility. His mother died prematurely from a disease after being neglected by his workaholic father. He respects his father for being a successful businessman but hates him for the way he treated his late mother. He fears that he will follow in his father’s footsteps and turn out as an abusive husband. This fear paralyzes him from dating girls and he avoids any intimacy. Then he meets Eun-hee whom he wants to protect with all his heart.

Kim Ja-gyeong – Played by Ha Yeon-joo

With a doting mother massaging her ego, she believes that men find her irresistible and will do her beckoning. She is an actress with limitless ambition and competes for leading female roles on the small screen. Starting out as a young child actress, she rebelled against her mom in her teens and slept with a boy that got her pregnant. She did not expect that her act of passion would end up almost jeopardizing her career. Ja-gyeong is like a rose with many sharp thorns. And unbeknownst to her, those thorns are about to turn towards her.

Seo Seok-jin – Played by Lee Ha-yul

Working as a TV producer, he is smart and able. He is also good at navigating office politics. Though on the surface, he is well-mannered and polite, he had a tough childhood. His mother wished that he would become a judge but he disappointed her greatly by choosing to go into the entertainment business. And he chose that career path so that he could be close to actress Ja-gyeong who was his college sweetheart. Even though he knows that Ja-gyeong is a conniving liar and will discard friends who are no longer useful to her, he cannot stop loving her.