April 20, 2019

Good Person

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Starring: Woo Hee-jin, Hyun Woo-sung, Kang Sung-mi, Jang Jae-ho

Episodes: 120

Running Time: 30 min

Airing: Mon-Fri 9:30 am

Replay: Mon-Fri 6:00 am

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When Yoon Jung-won is betrayed by family and friends who she completely trusted, the realization that humans are cruel dawns upon her. This show revolves around an insurance planner who is framed for a crime that she did not commit and tries to find justice after serving out her sentence in prison. There is a message of hope in the story in that while pain is inflicted on her by people around her, she eventually finds comfort and assistance from new people she encounters later.

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Yoon Jung-won – Played by Woo Hee-jin

She is an adopted child with a foster sister. Though her foster sister is the biological child of her foster parents, Jung-won resembles her foster parents more than her troublemaker sibling. Struggling to make ends meet, she works as an insurance planner while also writing a daily blog. She has a quite large number of followers on her blog. Her boss constantly pressures her to perform better as she lags behind her coworkers. Her mother-in-law nags her for not making much money while hardly being around home. But she has a caring husband that makes life bearable. Then one day, her husband is killed in a sudden accident and her life starts to unravel in a downward spiral.

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Seok Ji-wan – Played by Hyun Woo-sung

He is the driver for Daeyoung Group Chairwoman Cha Ok-shim. On his resume, he leaves out the fact that he has a college degree but, in fact, he graduated summa cum laude from the prestigious Seoul National University and used to be a top executive at a high tech startup. The reason why he quit his job and works as an underemployed driver is because he wants to unravel the mystery of his biological father. His dying mother raised him as a single mother and finally reveals to him a family secret about his father. He learns that his father is a famous person who regularly appears on TV. In order to find out why his father left his mother, he decides that the best way is to work as a driver to Chairwoman Cha Ok-shim.

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Cha Gyung-joo –  Played by Kang Sung-mi

She is the daughter of the Executive Director Cha Man-gu who is the brother of Daeyoung Group Chairwoman Cha Ok-shim. Though her aunt is the chairwoman she goes out of her way to prove that she is capable and also works long hours. She is a relentless worker who will pursue a deal tenaciously. She brings the same tenacious style to her personal life. She is infatuated with Young-hoon who went to the same college as her and works under her in the same department. She tries to seduce Young-hoon but he is loyal to his marriage. Then an opportunity arose for her to destroy Young-hoon’s wife’s life…

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Hong Soo-hyuk – Played by Jang Jae-ho

He is a tall and handsome young man who naturally uses his looks to charm girls and be a player in the dating game. Though he is smart and capable at his job, he has no interest in work. He does not like doing any work at all. He quickly loses interest in whatever hobby he is into and never had to work hard to get what he wanted. But he found a special girl that he wants to marry and for the first time in his life, he becomes obsessed with a girl.

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