January 8, 2017

Golden Pouch

Starring:Kim Ji-han, Ryu Hyo-young, Lee Sun-ho, Sohn Seung-woo

Episodes: 120

Running Time: 30 min

Airing: Mon-Fri 7:35 pm

Replay:  Mon-Fri 6:30 am


Seok-hoon, a genius doctor who is an orphan, loses his memory due to an accident on his wedding day. He wakes up mistaking the actors that were hired to pretend to be his parents during the wedding as his real parents. He develops close ties with the couple and for the first time in his life he experiences what it feels like to belong in a two-parent family. Later, the couple takes him in as their own son. Seol-hwa is the second daughter in the family who stays upbeat no matter how hard her life gets. One day, she comes across Seok-hoon, who is suffering from amnesia. Can she and Seok-hoon overcome the sticky threads of fate to fall in love? This romantic comedy revolves around an irritable doctor who abandons his profession to become a cook as he gets involved with a headstrong woman.


Han Suk-hoon – Played by Kim Ji-han

Despite the fact that he was adopted to America being unable to speak a word in English, he still managed to receive good grades thanks to his intelligence. He had to be the best, but he never found satisfaction even after reaching one goal after another. Later on, he gets an offer to work for a general hospital in South Korea. His girlfriend, Bae Min-hee, believes that he was returning to Korea with the purpose of marrying her but he did not tell her his real reason was to track down his biological parents. On his way to his wedding, he gets into an accident and slips into a coma. When he wakes up in the hospital after a near-death experience, everything in his life has changed.

Geum Seol-hwa – Played by Ryo Hyo-young

She is the second daughter of the Golden Dumpling restaurant. She works as a contract-based TV producer. Despite growing up poor, she is cheerful and has a positive outlook on life. She acquired her upbeat personality after learning about the story behind her name. Her father named her Seol-hwa (snow flower) because when he brought her to live with his half-siblings and stepmother, he hoped that she would bloom like a flower despite any circumstances. While interviewing an artisan for a TV show, she encounters Han Suk-hoon by chance at his hospital.

Yoon Joon-sang – Played by Lee Sun-ho

The eldest son of the PJ Group’s chairman, Joon-sang is a well-mannered man with a sweet disposition. He works as a food researcher at PJ Group’s food division and travels around the country to find popular restaurants and learn more about food. He tries to stay away from the headquarters by taking lengthy business trips, since he knows that his stepmother wishes her own son, Ji-sang to inherit the chairman position. While visiting a dumpling stand in the provinces to learn about the secret recipe, he meets Geum Seol-hwa. When Seol-hwa goes through a difficult time because of her family crisis, he became her helping hand.

Bae Min-hee – Played by Son Seung-woo

She met Han Seok-hoon when she was studying in America. She was attracted to Seok-hoon because he was a doctor with intelligent personality. She has an insecurity that caused by her nouveau riche family who makes money through a sleazy money lending business. She believed that marrying Seok-hoon would raise her social status. There was, however, one drawback to him and it was the fact that he was adopted, because she knew that her mother would absolutely disapprove of him. So Min-hee hires actors to pretend to be Seok-hoon’s family.