April 20, 2019

Glamorous Temptation/Glorious Temptation



Starring: Choi Kang-hee, Joo Sang-wook , Cha Ye-ryun, Jung Jin-young, Nam Joo-hyuk

No. of Episodes: 50

Running Time: 70 min

Airing: Tues 10:05 am





A young woman learns from her whistleblower Dad that honesty is not the best policy. Soon after her marriage, she is saddled with crushing debt that she has no ability to repay. But through a series of events, she finds herself on track in joining the top wealthiest 1% and makes a deliberate effort to uncover their misdeeds and hypocrisy. Her efforts reveal limitless greed and lust for power fueled by the pursuit of money and profits. Two friends struggle to reach the same goal, which inadvertently force them to cross paths as rivals that result in anguish, tense relations, betrayal and a love triangle. And through this turmoil, there is a happy ending of forgiveness and rediscovery of family. 



Shin Eun-soo: Starring Choi Kang-hee/Kim Sae-Ron(as teen)

After her Dad was fired for being a company whistleblower, she had to find a part-time job to supplement their meager family income. She finds a bookkeeping job and gets married to one of the employees there. However, her husband is accused of embezzlement of company funds and subsequently dies not too long after charges are levied against him. Eun-soo is indicted for playing a role in her husband’s embezzlement scandal despite having no knowledge of her husband’s activities. She is found guilty and serves time in prison. One day, she receives an anonymous call and what she hears plants seeds of suspicion regarding her husband’s sudden death. She is absolutely sure that answers to her husband’s death can be found at the compound of Kang Suk-hyun so she approaches him. After discovering several damaging photos in Kang’s study, she slowly unravels a secret that has been kept locked away for ages.

Jin Hyung-woo Starring Joo Sang-wook / Nam, Joo-hyuk (as teen)

After his dad, who was a senator, committed suicide during intense interrogation by state prosecutors, Kang Suk-hyun took him in and raised him. Hyung-woo grows to become an attorney and manages Kang’s slush fund together with his mother. He dates Il-joo and also works as her political aide, helping her in every way he can. To marry Il-joo, he tries to gain Kang’s complete trust but Kang blocks such a union and Il-joo marries someone else. When he is reunited with his childhood crush, Eun-soo, he realizes he has become a heartless human being who needs to make amends. So he decides to put aside his misguided ambition to help Eun-soo, which is a dangerous move.

Kang Il-joo Starring Cha Ye-ryun/Kim Bo-Ra (as teen)

She has the sweetest scent and beauty of a rose but also as well as its thorns. As a winner in the gene pool, she is intelligent and utterly attractive. With her Dad’s political influence and money, she is also on track to becoming a rising senator in political circles. To reach her ambitions, she gives up on pursuing Hyung-woo, whom she has a secret crush on, and marries the son of an influential newspaper publisher. But when her friend, Eun-soo comes to live in the same mansion that she lives with her dad and his family, problems start to arise and her goals are put in jeopardy.

Kang Suk-hyun Starring Jung, Jin-young

He has retired from politics but still wields enormous political clout. He can read people well and is a decisive person but he also has a crazy, illogical side to his personality. He grooms Il-joo, his illegitimate child that he had with his secretary, to be his successor. She grew apart from him but he reunited with her when she became an adult and embraced her into his family. Eun-soo resembles his former mistress who is also the mother of Il-joo and he carries guilty feelings over how she suffered because of their extramarital affair. So he takes a special interest in Eun-soo but just as he was completely warming up to Eun-soo, he discovers her true intentions which were to deliberately gain his trust in the midst of a growing conspiracy.

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