April 20, 2019

Father, I Will Take Care of You

Starring:  Kim Jae-won, Lee Su-kyung, Lee Tae-hwan, and Park Eun-bin

Episodes: 50

Running Time: 70 min

Airing: Sat-Sun 10:00 pm

Replay: Mon-Tues 3:50 am


After Hyung-sub and Jung-ae worked hard to raise their four children, they are now ready to retire. But one day, all of their children move back into the house. Hyun-woo returns to Korea to seek revenge for getting separated from his only sibling and being sent to America. However, he reunites with Jung-eun whom he once met in New York. Will Hyun-woo be able to overcome his hurtful past and move on to find love? At the same time, Sung-joon also meets a girl named Dong-hee again whom he briefly met in Taiwan but finds her living in his parents’ house in Korea. Will Sung-joon and Dong-hee find true love? This drama <father, i’ll=”” take=”” care=”” of=”” you=”” style=”color: rgb(118, 118, 118); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;”>is about karmic connections, family values and young people whom are destined to fall in love.


Lee Hyun-woo – Played by Kim Jae-won

In order to take revenge on Han Hyung-sub after waiting for 23 long years, he disguised his identity as the CEO of an investment fund and moves next door to Han Hyung-sub’s house. During the day, he displays a genial personality as the boss of a construction site but at night, he spies on Hyung-sub’s house with his telescope. Following his plans, he upturns the lives of Hyung-sub’s children and buys all the surrounding buildings and homes in Hyung-sub’s neighborhood. After meeting Jung-eun, who is Hyung-sub’s niece by coincidence, he falls in love with her but she then discovers his real intentions and identity.

Han Jung-eun – Played by Lee Su-kyung

After traveling the world for over three years, she is forced by her mother to return home and now occupies the rooftop floor of her Uncle’s house. Being unemployed makes her restless, so she borrows money from her grandmother and uncle Hyung-sub to open a café in one of Hyun-woo’s buildings. After noticing that Hyun-woo would come to her café every day at the same hour and order the same menu, she figures out that he is actually David Lee, the CEO of Golden Street Investment Fund. Later, she eventually discovers that Hyun-woo is plotting revenge against her uncle.

Han Sung-jun – Played by Lee Tae-hwan

He is the youngest son of Han Hyung-sub and holds the position of general manager at FGC Group. While visiting Taiwan for business, he encounters Oh Dong-hee, who is running away from a Triad gang and helps her. Upon returning to Korea from his trip, he is reunited with her in Korea and eventually falls in love with her. At the same time, his biological brother reappears in his life and he learns about his past that he was unaware of, which puts him through an identity crisis. Sung-jun’s family suffers a series of crises due to his brother who aims to take revenge on Hyung-sub.

Oh Dong-hee – Played by Park Eun-bin

To become a TV show writer, she applies to a top-ranked department of literature, but her brother Chul-min steals her savings that she had set aside for college so her dreams of getting a college degree are crushed. Accepting her circumstances, she gives up on college but keeps her dreams alive to become a TV writer someday. But Chul-min steals her laptop that contained all of her story ideas. She could no longer tolerate what he did to her and decides to fly to Taiwan to track him down. In Taiwan, she coincidentally meets Han Sung-jun, who helps her when she gets into a prickly situation, who turns out to be her brother-in-law. Returning home, she finds herself living with Sung-jun and his family and also stuck with her brother’s debts.