March 20, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t all of your dramas have English subs?

The daily dramas and older dramas don’t have English subs. All recent Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday dramas have English subs from MBC.

I have a rooftop antenna, but I still can’t receive the signal for your station. What can I do?

CH. 24.5 is transmitted from Trump Tower so your rooftop antenna will need to point to downtown Chicago.

Can I request that you show a specific drama?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept requests to show specific dramas. We have to show the programs that MBC America provides.

Will any of the older MBC dramas be available with English subs?

This would only be possible if someone goes through the process of translating, timing and typing the subs, which requires resources of time and money.

Are you part of MBC America?

No. MBC America is a subsidiary of MBC Korea. Our local company, Win Media purchases MBC programs from MBC America.

Why don’t you have the same programming as MBC America?

We have the same programming as MBC America. However, they broadcast in the Pacific Time Zone, so we re-adjust air time to fit local Central Time Zone.

Will you be offering MBC dramas for sale via your web site?

Yes, we hope to do this in the future. We currently are looking for a company to work with us and give us the best deal for our viewers.