April 20, 2019

Blow Breeze / Windy Mi-Poong

Starring: Lim Ji-yeon, Son Ho-joon, Oh Ji-eun,  and Han Joo-wan

Episodes: 50

Running Time: 70 min

Airing: Sat-Sun 4:00 pm

Replay: Sat-Sun 6:00 am


A wealthy, elderly man who was born in North Korea and amassed a $100 million fortune in South Korea knows that his time is short. One day, he coincidentally learns that he had a son that he did not know of. The elderly man desperately tries to track down his son, but learns that he died. However, the elderly man soon discovers that his son has a daughter who was also defected from North Korea and is currently living in South Korea. Now, the elderly man is seeking to find her whereabouts so that she can inherit his fortune. The story revolves around the long-lost family members and a South Korean man with a North Korean woman who are able to find love by overcoming their differences.


Kim Mi-poong – Played by Lim Ji-yeon

In North Korea, Kim Seung-hee was a popular girl with a comfortable life that North Koreans often envied. She was known for her beautiful looks and her social circle was high society. She was also known as an accomplish dancer with a spunky, no-nonsense personality. Her beauty attracted many young men to Pyongyang Dance School in order to get a glimpse of her. Then, one day, her father was furious at her for coming home late because the family had plans to go somewhere but Seung-hee was kept in the dark about it. With much confusion, she ends up following her family but later finds out that her dad was actually planning to defect to South Korea. After series of hardships, she is able to reach South Korea but her life is turned upside down. She is only left with few clothes on her back and a new name as Kim Mi-poong.

Lee Jang-go – Played by Son Ho-joon

Lee Jang-go is a proud grandson to his grandmother for he is the perfect son to his widowed mother. In her eyes, he is the best son a mother could ever ask for. With such honest personality, good looks and a strong commitment to keeping his promises, he is a fine male specimen. Instead of working for a big law firm, he stands up for the weak as a human rights lawyer. He only has two suits that his mother bought for him and he does not care to last a year with just two. Though people say that a good suit makes a man look professional, he prefers to not to be materialistic like the lawyers around him. Therefore, he earns his nickname as the “Big city-country boy.”

Park Shin-ae – Played by Oh Ji-eun

Though she has an effeminate look that make men want to protect her, she is actually very calculating and cunning. In order escape from her impoverished life, she plans to do anything that it takes. Already knowing that Cho Hee-dong, a guy she met at a convenience store, comes from a very rich family, she decides to go for Cho Hee-dong. And to marry Cho Hee-dong, she fed him many lies and put on a believable act. By hiding the fact that she was a North Korean defector, she gets an approval from Cho’s family to be a suitable wife. After she has succeeded in marrying him, she finds peace and security for the first time in her life. She finds herself finally being satisfied with her life until she meets Mi-poong again, who knows everything about her past.

Cho Hee-dong – Played by Han Joo-wan

He grew up fighting a lot with his twin sister and this caused a dim view against women. A dose of naivety about women is needed for men to fall for girls but he believed that there is not a chance for him to fall for any women. However, he eventually falls for a woman named Shin-ae. He falls head over heels for her and marries his first sweetheart. He believed that his blissful marriage with Shin-ae would last forever. That is, until the greedy ambition took over of his mother and Shin-ae.