March 20, 2019

About Us

WINMedia is a 24-hour Digital TV Channel provides MBC America programming for over 3.4M TV households in the Chicagoland area, including Cook, Du Page, Lake, Will and Kane counties,  providing local news and shares community issues/events. WINMedia enhances the lives of Koreans, Asians, and other cultural groups by offering a variety of programs like K-POP Drama, Entertainment, Current Affairs & Documentaries, News, and Sports. WINMedia provides English subtitles for K-Dramas which have captured the heart of K-POP lovers, is already engaged with other Asian Networks. WINMedia is also a movie production company, event planning, and commercial film production company (since 2004). The company produced the movie “Gift” filmed in English with Korean subtitles. “The Gift” is based on a true story of Derrick, a 1.5 generation Korean American who became a drug addict, just like his sister, shattering his parents’ hearts and souls. However, one day, when everyone turns and walks away from Derrick, a true friend comes to him and helps him to realize the most valuable gift for his life; his family. “The Gift,” filmed in English with Korean subtitles, was named the Official Film Selection of the East Lansing International (2007, Michigan State University, Michigan); the Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival (2006, Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre, West Hollywood) and the 3rd Korean  Network Film Festival (2007, Seoul, Korea). Additionally, WINMedia has produced  over 100 worship concerts, seminars, and conferences, including the following:

* CBS Music Festival at Chicago (Jul. 2011)
* Suh Soo Nam (Korean Singer) concert over 5 cities (Dec. 2010)
* 7080 concert over 13 cities in USA (2008)
* Steve Yoo (Sung Joon) Concert at  the  CHA (2006)


June 2004: While WINMedia was focusing on its movie production, the sister company MC-TV was initially established as analog CH 41 in the Chicagoland area.
April 2010: MC-TV launched 24 hours DTV CH 47.4 in Atlanta, GA
September 2010: MC-TV launched 24 hours Digital TV CH 24.6 in  the Chicagoland area.
January 2012: WINMedia merged with MBC Chicago (aka KUBS TV) 24 hour Digital TV CH 24.5 which reaches potentially more than 3.4M TV household in the Chicagoland area.

About MBC

MBC is one of four major national South Korean television and radio networks.

MBC-TV  began television broadcasting on August 8, 1969, becoming the third TV network in Korea.

In 1991, MBC, became the first private commercial broadcasting network in South Korea.

In 2001, MBC launched satellite and cable television broadcasting. As part of this expansion, it created MBC America, a subsidiary based in Los Angeles, California, USA, to distribute its programming throughout America.

On August 1, 2008 MBC America launched MBC-D, a television network carried on the digital subchannels of KSCI-TV, KTSF-TV, and WMBC-TV. The service was launched in Chicago in April, 2010 (a.k.a KUBS TV) and Jan. 11, 2012, MBC Chicago is now operated by WINMedia Inc.

About the MBC Chicago Team

Wang Kim is the President of WINMedia and the President of the East/Midwest CBS Branch (since 2004). He is also the Founder and Director of Yehyang Cultural Ministry (since 1994). Yehyang focuses on family-related cultural events and ministry. Activities include:a praise band and play team counseling for youth-related matters, and problems such as drugs and alcohol, seminars related to youth/drug/family, production of many plays, movies (short and long films), and concerts to attract them with non-polluted cultures and used their talents/interests. Examples are: the play “Café Millennium” (1999); “The Gift” (2004), and “The Love Beyond Forgiveness” (2005). These brought many youngsters to spend their energy and talents   to impact the  community through plays. Mr. Kim also is the publisher of the monthly newspaper “New Life Times” (weekly newspaper).

Judy Kim joined WINMedia Inc. in May 2011 as Vice President. She graduated from North Park University (Bachelor of Art in Accounting), and retired from Alcatel-Lucent Technologies Inc. after 31 years of service. She was recognized as a Distinguished Business Professional in 2000 and was a member of the SCIP Society from 1998 – 2001. She served as an AA/EO/Diversity Chairperson for the organization in 1999, and served as an Asian Community Chapter board member in 2004 and 2005. She has served as a volunteer for a mentally disabled children’s class, as a Sunday School teacher for over 10 years, and at YeHyang Youth & Cultural Ministry for over 15 years.