April 24, 2017


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Dear Win TV Viewers,

I am writing this letter to appeal to you that we need your financial support.

Due to the downturn in the economy, advertising income from businesses are very slow.

I know you have been asking for more translated programs other than dramas. But we are experiencing problems capturing subtitled dramas from the satellite from MBC America (They are also doing a favor for our station. They have stopped subtitles for nationwide networks).

Also, we have an old server, it requires an extra hour to download each drama with subtitles which require extra staff to download it and converted to our server format. If there’s a problem with capturing the drama then the engineer has to restart the whole process. Without the English subtitles, the process is much faster and easier. However, you are very valuable viewers. We are trying very hard to make all of our viewers happy.

This is the first time we are asking you for help. Would you consider donating to help us?
We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Please send a check payable to Win Media:

262 E Golf Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

or call us to pay with credit card.

With Warm Regards,

Judy Kim
VP of Win Media

Dear Viewers:

As of August 2016, It’s been almost 5 years since we began broadcasting MBC-Chicago
(Ch. 24.6).

We were so excited to air this program, and we were thrilled to find out that many of you became loyal viewers after spotting our dramas from flipping through the channels.

Many of you love Korean dramas because they deal with family issues, tend to be less violent and focus on virtues. Many of you reach out to us to tell us that you love Korean pop songs and want to know the title of the song or request translations of the song. (We have been asking MBC-America for translations on entertainment programs, but it is all dependent on the limited resource budget). It really excites us to hear these comments from you.

In some cases, you became a watchdog for us. If something went wrong with the channel, you would promptly notify us. When we faced technical problems, you patiently waited for it to return to normal.

We make every effort to air good programs to you that bring joy to your home and your family but we cannot do it by ourselves. We need your support by not only giving us feedback about our programs but by telling your friends or neighbors who own businesses or work for organizations that might need advertisements that will help us sustain MBC-Chicago (have them check out our Special Advertisement Package). Additionally, if you have any creative ideas in organizing an event to fundraise for MBC-Chicago, please reach out to Kathy Watkins and/or Judy Kim (jkim.mctv[at]gmail[dot]com).

We cannot do this without you, and together we can move forward.

We are so grateful to have viewers like you who we can depend on!


Wang Kim
President, Win Media Group (MBC Chicago)